Invoicing Software Features

Proper invoicing software allows businesses to run efficiently and helps fuel a steady stream of revenue. Unlike manual billing, invoicing software reduces time spent chasing payments. For customers, invoicing software makes the payment process simple and convenient.

When searching for the best invoicing software for your business, we recommend looking for a single solution that can handle a range of billing-related needs. Here are the top features to look for in your invoicing software search.

Most-Needed Invoicing Software Features Flexible Payment Acceptance 

When it comes to completing a purchase, consumers want and expect flexibility. If a customer prefers to pay with a credit card over ACH, it is important to offer both. Not doing so may cost you future sales and so, it is important to have invoicing software that is flexible enough to handle multiple payment methods.

Furthermore, flexibility is equally important to your business operations when it comes to payment collection. In many businesses, there are times when customers pay their balances in full. However, there are also times where a one-time payment or deposit is required, followed by recurring installments. A flexible invoicing software should allow you to set up recurring billing and collect one-time payments, so your business and your customers are satisfied.

Easy Invoice Building 

An effective small business invoice should be three things: professional, accurate, and detailed. Proper invoicing software helps you achieve just that with a few clicks, right out-of-the-box. Your invoicing software should be intuitive and efficient, so that you can send branded and error-free online invoices quickly, so you get paid faster.

Look for a software that makes customization simple. You should be able to add in your business logo and branding, charge late fees, itemize invoice details and auto-calculate taxes and discounts.

Email Automation and Tracking

Invoicing customers without automation and tracking adds more time to payment collection and causes confusion. Invoicing software with automation and tracking solves this. Automated payment reminders and confirmations prevent you from having to manually follow up customers on their owed amounts or received payments. Saving you time and sanity.

Additionally, payment tracking associated with invoices and received payments provides you with an accurate view of cash flow. Without having to guess or keep a spreadsheet, you’ll know exactly how many customers have paid and who holds an outstanding balance with the right invoicing software.

Online Account Management (Customer Portal) 

Managing a business well requires a commitment to customer service. However, when times get busy, customer service can become strained. Invoicing software can help. Instead of trying to handle customer account management all alone, be proactive and rely on a customer portal.

Invoicing software that has a customer portal, enables your customers to self-service their accounts online. Updates to payment methods, contact information, and failed payment fixes can be done 24/7 without assistance from you personally or your staff.

Invoicing with SafePay 

Thousands of businesses across a variety of industries use SafePay over other invoicing software to manage their payment collection. Whether you are an independent contractor who needs to email invoices to clients or a lawncare company sending recurring invoices for services, SafePay can help.

Through SafePay, businesses can send professional invoices via email to securely collect credit, debit, and ACH payments online or through our customer portal. Access to customizable templates ensures you can get started quickly and with ease. Desire payment insights? Reporting through SafePay allows you to see paid and unpaid invoice statuses along with other important payment data. Best of all, Comprehensiveness solution that includes online and mobile payment capabilities in addition to invoicing. Get paid faster and build trust with your customers today with SafePay.

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